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Awsome Tool to search the Market Vendors for what you looking for.
Just Visit UoRpg.net and look for "Market" in the upper left main menu.

Vendor hall.jpg

On UORpg is a 24/7 opened Marked, he is located on the Island of Altair (main City), the Market is designed for 124 Seller.
If you need some Artifacts to complete your Set, need some special Enchant Scrolls or what ever.
On the Market you can buy almost anything (which is not sold just at the NPC-Vendor).

Consider the Situation on the other Hand, you want to sell something.
To do this, you need to go to the Market and to place your Dealer (aka the Vendor).
Go to the Market and find a empty Seat. Double click on the piece of Wood. A Menu will pop up like its shown in the Picture below.

Hiring a vendor is 2kk Gold. (The Rent is payed automatic for 10 Days)
Vendor buy.jpg

Double click on the own Vendor opens the following dialog box: Vendor window.jpg

In order to add Items to the vendor, choose the 3th line: "Show me the chest with goods!", then toss in the Chest the Goods you want to sell. After threw the Items into the Chest, type the Command "price *****", target the Goods which you want to change the Price.
You can also just drop the Item direct on the Vendor and type in the Price after.

The cost of a Vendor (Rent) is 300k for 10 Days. If you do not pay the Rent, the Vendor will be removed.
(The Vendor's Dress and remaining Items will be saved)

To Dress the Vendor press with the left Mouse button on him and click "Open Paperdoll" now you can add or remove his Dress as much as you wish.

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