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The following Classes are available: Mage, Necromancer, Assassin, Archer, Warrior, Paladin, Vampire and Crafter.

Informations about the certain Classes, like Skill Cap's, you can find here, on the UORpg Homepage.


Which Class is good for what?

The best Class for farming Monster would be Vampire.
The best Class for killing Boss Monster is probably the Knight.
For PvP...Knight, Mage, Necromancer, Vampire, Archer, Assassin.
Paladin is very useful as well.
It's a Support Class.
Hard to PVE and need to be really good to play Paladin in PvP.

How to XP fast?

Enterance Newbie Dungeon
Enterance Gate for the Newbee Dungeon

- Fill your Spellbook. Find a Mage NPC and buy all Scrolls he offers once and drop them on your Spellbook
- Try to always wear the best Armor and especialy Weapon/Staff you can get for your Level
- Use Buff Spells. Keep the Spells "Bless" and "Protection" up all the time.
- Use Buff Potions. Drink a Orc Rage Porion on cooldown (all 10min), gives you +25 Str. and +25 Dex.
- From level 3, use the right Jewellery for your Class
(Meele's need Platium Jewellery for Hitpoints Regeneration, Casting Classes need Silver Jewellery for Mana Regeneration)
- The Newbie Dungeon is a good Place to begin your Adventure
- From level 7, Casting Classes can wear Magic Robe/Cloak/Hat to raise the Damage
- From level 9, use Full Dark Crystal Platemail/Chainmail/Ringmail (gives you +3 to all kinds of regeneration)

A couple good XP Spots

Swamp near Britain/Desert. You can port there with the Teleportaion Ball.

Britt swamp.jpg

Swamp near Trinsic. Here you can also get through the Teleportation Ball.
On the red circled Island are many Cyclops who are slow and give good XP. You can check this spot from lvl 7+ (as ranged). But you will need a Boat to reach the Island.

Trins swamp.jpg

Other good Spots are for example on Ice Island, Terathan Keep

Tip: You can farm in both projections and get twice as much XP...
but be careful, in War projection you can be killed by other Fraction or Guild.

How to get every Class level 12+ in 48 hours?

At first, to do it really in 48 hours, you need 48 Hours time and less sleep ^^

- Get a Iron Armor (Knight/Crafter Platemail, Mage/Necro Ringmail, Archer Chainmail)
- Fill your Spellbook
- In case you find a Entchant Weapon Scroll use it on your weapon
- Clean the Enterance of the Newbie Dungeon untill you reach lvl 3 (in the meantime get new Armor/Weapon almost every level up)
- On level 3, get Platium Jewellery for Hitpoints regeneration
- Clean the Orc Camp inside the Newbie Dungeon
- Clean the Newbie Dungeon untill you reach lvl 7
- On level 7, get Full Silver Jewellery equip for mana reg, get Magic Robe+Cloak+Hat, get the Spell Explosion for your Spellbook
(No Magic Classes need this Mage Robe,Cloak and Hat to raise there Magery to be able to use the AE-Damage Spell Explosion)
(Class dosnt matter, i did it with a Knight for example)
- Mass Pull the Cyclop Island, Terathan Keep and Rotting Corpse's on Necromancer Camp all day long in both Projections.

With this Tactic, i made a Knight and a Crafter lvl 12+ in insane Speed.

Note: You can also Buy a lvl 8/lvl 12 Char Skilled with God Stones.

Very useful:

One of the most important commands -> .bandageself
See your XP with .charstatus use the Command or by Paperdoll -> Help -> Character status
Check ingame Commands.

Skill "Item Identification" -> to see the Stats and Skills of Armor/Weapons and especialy Jewellery.

XP with Mage:
Youtube Video

Hopefully this Guide will help beginners to quickly learn and feel the atmosphere Server. If you have any questions arise, you can always ask them on the Forum and know the players will help you, for sure! For a more quick response join Discord chat.

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