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You can use the following Commands in Game by simply entering them as Text.



.с "text" - send a global Message
.f "text" - send global Message to Players of your Faction
.t "text" - send a Message in the Trade Chat
.unblockchat - remove the chat Ban, Pay a fie, if you are blocked for violation of the Rules.

Helpfull for Gaming

.bandageself - apply Bandages from the Backpack to yourself
.check amount - creates a Cash Check in the value of indicated amount
.apack - Packs an Armor Set to a Bag, with appropriate Colour and Name (useful for selling Armor Sets)
.openbank - opens Character Bank may work only in the City of Altair
.combatinfo - Represent current Combat Statistics of your Character
.runebook_add - remembers a Runebook
.recall X - uses the Runes from the rememberd Runebook.
X is the Rune from 1 to 16 = Number in the Book

(see also: .m_useitem_add X, .m_useitem_X, .m_show, .usepoison,
.addobject X, .useobject X, .showobjects, .m_pet_add, .m_pet)

PvP related

.m_useitem_add X - add item to be used by macros command .m_usiteim_x ( X must be a digit from 1 to 25)
.m_useitem_X - uses the item remembered by .m_useitem_add X ( X must be a digit from 1 to 25 )

In case you will not login to game longer then 7 days , all Macros items will be deleted.
.m_show - shows list of available server macroses

.attacknext - attacks the next Target on your Screen, works only on Players (does not attack NPC's)
.attacklast - intelligent attacklast
.stop - stop any action immediate, Effect is similar to toggle of the War/Peace Status.
.clearwartargets - clears all the Targets, however dose not interrupt current Action, Attack.
.combattarget - creates a Target to mark your main Combat Target (Same as attacking a Player in War Mode)
.friendtarget - adds friendly Target (similiar to .combattarget)

.explosiononenemy - throws the best Explosion Potion, found in your Bag at the last Target(.combattarget).
.antiparalyze - instantly remove the Paralyze Effect from your Character by losing 1/3 of your current Hitpoints
.hidechar - hides your Ally side Player, giving you the possibility to walk trough him even with not full Stamina
.usepoison - apply Poisen on your Weapon. It uses the best Poison by the default. This Command also supports Arguments like: nightshade, spider, serpent, scorpion, paralyze, viru. For example, if you type .usepoison paralyze - your Character will try to apply Paralyze Poisen on your Weapon.

.addobject X - adds Object ID (either Character or an Object) Number Х (1-50)
.useobject X - double Click on the saved Object Number Х
.w X - Object X will become the main Combat Target
.e X - Object X will become the main friendly Target
.showobjects - show the List of added Objects

.guardposts - detailed Guard Posts Information

(see also: .bandageself, .combatinfo, .m_pet_add, .m_pet)

Character Info

.treasury - opens a Message Window with Information regarding wealth of your side
.where - shows your current Location and Region in the World
.cmp - shows Achievements in Competitions for the current Month
.showmap - opens Overview
.charstatus - opens Status
.premium - opens the Premium Account Menu


.castself [spell name] - casting a Magic Spell on yourself
.castenemy [spell name] - casting a Magic Spell on the main combat Target
.castfriend [spell name] - casting a Magic Spell on the friendly Target

Those new commands will give you the possiblity to cast magic without waiting for target,
which will spare your Time in the Battle.
.castself magic arrow
.castenemy flame strike
.castfriend heal


.m_pet_add - remembers a Mount
.m_pet - Mounts the Pet remembered with .m_pet_add
.dismount - dismounts from the Pet

Issue Fixes

.upd - refresh Information of the Client (useful to fast fix of some Bugs)
.statfix - automatically will fix Errors/Bugs with Stats or Skills (work only in the City of Altair)

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