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Frozen River - an automatic PvP event, which can take part of any player, regardless of class and level. Entrance to the event is free and all the things the player will be temporarily taken out of use. After the end of the battle, all things will be returned, and the players appear in Altair.

Purpose and general concepts:

Players are divided into 2 teams (teams of distribution takes place in a random order) - Red team and the Blue team. The main task is, to break into the opponent's base to capture the enemy's flag and carry it to your base. For successfully delivering of the flag, team points will be added, and that player which brought flag the player earns frag "deliveries". The enemy flag can not be delivered to the base as long as the other team has your flag. Accordingly, before delivering the flag to the base, your team needs to regain his - the player who will be able to return the flag (Kill rival and pick up the flag of stepping on it), gets a frag "return".

In the case of the death of your character, you will automatically appear in the initial room, and will be able enter the game through a special gate only after 30 seconds of waiting.


In addition to "deliveries" and "return", players earn frags for killing enemies, and the recorded number of deaths of all the characters.Gate to the event opened for 10 minutes in Altair. Before entering the portal, dismount is not necessary.Teams are always divided into an even number of characters, respectively, the excess (unpaired) a player is eliminated from the tournament.The event lasts 30 minutes. The winner is - team wich will bring 5 enemy flags to own base.


Item.png - Artefact of Force Leap - This powerful artifact helps to overcome obstacles.

Item (1).png - Artefact of Explosion Trap- This powerful artifact is put on the earth by Liu and creates exploding trap.

Item5.png - Artefact of Force Pull - This powerful artifact helps to attract objects.

Item (2).png - Artefact of Force Push - This powerful artifact discards all.

Item (3).png - Artefact of Knock Down Trap - This powerful artifact placed on the ground th, when stepping whose character falls to the ground and drops the flag.

Item (4).png - Artefact of Spider Trap - This powerful artifact creates an impenetrable web.


Victory - 5 badges of frost.Draw - 2 badges of frost.Defeat - 1 badge of frost.

Badges of Frost can be exchanged for rare jewelry in Altair to the seller "Zaira".

Ingame commands:

.score - displays the status of the event. The time until the end of the battle, the number of players, score of Red and Blue teams.

.afk - send a report to Administration of player whi is in the "AFK" mode during the event.

.quit - to quit the event and go back to Altair.

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