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Small boat

Boats can be bought at a Shipwright. Boats are required in order to reach Islands

Small Boat Deed - 1,500,000 gp
Medium Boat Deed - 1,750,000 gp
Large Boat Deed - 2,000,000 gp

Boarding Hook - 5.750gp
For use if you stuck on Ship or for invade a Enemy Ship

A Boarding Hook keeps the Enemy Ship for 30 Seconds and allows you to enter the Enemy Ship.
(2 clicks on the Anchor or Rope) The Hook works in both directions with a slight delay.

Spyglass - 1.150gp
Need to use Tracking on Boat. Note: As far i tested, not working.

Boat Commands

Forward - Move the Boat forward
Back - Move the Boat backward
Left - Move the Boat left
Right - Move the Boat right

Stop - Stop the boat

Forward Left/Right - Move diagonal into the direction
Back Left/Right - Move diagonal into the direction
Turn Left/Right - Turn the Boat into the direction
Turn Around - Turn the boat 180°

Raise Anchor - Raise a droped anchor
Drop Anchor - Drop the anchor. Prevent the Ship from movement Commands.

Unfurl Sail - Move the Boat fast straight (no speed difference as far i tested)

Good to know

- Re-Deed a ship with double click the Tiller

- If you lost on the Sea, use .showmap

- Each Boat got a container you can store items at

- Be careful and attentive in the War The Protection of the World. It is possible to break into the ships, using Lockpicks. (Boat Deed is Blessed, a Boat Key is not)

- If you cant enter the boat, double click the Plank

- If you cant leave the Boat on a land spot, it may help if you move back and forward a few times along the Plank

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