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That`s rare and unique items that give players a significant in-game advantage.
Artifacts can be looted from monsters or found in treasures rarely.

A good Overview about the available Artifacts you can find here,
check the section "Artefacts" on UORpg Homepage.

Note: In the List below, you can find Artifacts which are not present at the UORPG Homepage.

All Weapons
Boss Artifacts
Maces and Hammers
Spears and Sickles
Bows and Crossbows
Staffs and Books
Empire Guards Artifacts
Artifacts of Barbarian
Artifacts of Darkness
Artifacts of Magic Bone
Artifacts of Fire
Artifacts of Energy
Artifacts of Order
Artifacts of Chaos
Artifacts of Forest
Artifacts of Night Hunter
Artifacts of Ice
Artifacts of Hunter
Artifacts of Anniversary

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