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Each item has a certain durability. If the durability reach 0, the item will be destroyed.

Artifacts cannot be repaired unless the are blessed.

Crafted Items can be repaired. There are three ways to repair items. Repairing items costs resources based on the percentage of durability missing. Items with increased maximum durability do not cost more resources to repair. Increasing items durability greatly decreases their repair costs over time..

1. Using the Character Class "Craftsman".

To repair your Armor/Weapon made of Ore, you need a Smith Hammer, Bowcraft Dagger, or Saw and enough Skill (depends on what kind of Material the Item is made of) and Ingots or Logs of the items type.
You need to be next to a forge to make smithing repairs. Double-click the Hammer, Bowcraft Dagger, or Saw and target the Item you want to repair (the Item to repair and the Resources need to be in your Backpack).
The amount of Resources to repair depends in the Object itself and how far its already damaged.

Repairing items using a crafter requires the crafter to have sufficient skill to craft the item. You do not have to have the ability to craft them unlocked, only enough skill.

2. Using a NPC Weaponsmith, Armorer, Flethcer, Carpenter
The NPC charges you the price per ingot/log on the resources tool tip and thus may be cheaper depending on the current market.

These NPCs are found in every City. Double-click on one of them and a menu appears, choose "- I want to repair ..." and target the thing that you want to repair. In the following menu is shown, everything you require in detail.

3. Bless the Item + Repair

In the city Altair there is a NPC: "Reinar". For a lot of Gold/God Stones you can Bless certain item (no jewellry or Talisman). The Item will have 100 Durability instand. Thats the only way to repair Artifacts. Blessed Items (Armor/Weapon) can be repaired for Gold/God Stones.

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