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If you decide to run in pvp, but are not experienced in this, if you want to understand the algorithm and get good at running a game for combat projection, the arenas will help you. Consider the first option - this is Arena For Fun. The portal to the arena is located in Altair Портал.jpg

This portal will take you to the arena with a prepared under the pvp zone: with trees, bumps, mountains and buildings that you can use to learn how to play "from the ground."
Фор фан.jpg

There is no loot in the arena and when you die you don’t die, you are transferred to Altair. However, your equipment breaks like in real PVP!

Another practice option for PVP can be found at NPCs Заира.jpg

This arena is a tournament option. All at the same level and in the same things with limited resources.

To get there, talk to Zaira and select the first item.
Заира 1.png

Then you can move to the arena itself or watch the battle that is already taking place on it. To watch, select the third item. You will see a battle selection window, if any:
Заира 2.png

Selecting the second item, Zaira will take you to Duel Master:
Дуель мастер.png

Duel Master will offer you to join the battle or create your own version of the battle: The first item will show you a list of the created fights.
Duel 1.jpg

In the second paragraph, you can create your own version of the match:
Duel 2.png

Prize fund GP, GS
Number of victories
1x1 or more
Timeout time
Class change

Everyone enjoy the game, if there are suggestions of what is missing on the wiki, write here >> https://forum.uorpg.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=19492&p=201083#p201083

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