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Skill related

What Skills do i need for doing Treasure Maps?
Lockpicking only (to open the Chest).
You can encrypt the Treasure Map at any Mapmaker for a certain amount of Gold. If you dont have enouth Cartography Skill.

Why i get no Skill gain up to 100.1+ Cartography if im doing World Maps?
To get more then 100.0 Cartography, you need to open Treasure Maps.
Like for example to to get your Skill from 100 to 110 you will need to open Treasure Maps level 1, and so on.
(Acually you can open and raise your Skill fom 100 with Treasure Maps lvl 1-3)
Lvl 1 Treasure Maps can be found in Creatures like Young Wolf, Orc's,... Lvl 2 Grey Wolf, Zombie,...

Why i cant harvest the higher Recources (Drark Crystal/Birch +) with
fulfilled requirements like kind of the Pickaxe and Skill?
You can Mine that only in War Projection (unless you have Premium).

PvP related

Can i get killed as Chaos in Vesper//Order in Britain in the PvP World (WarProj.)?
Yes the opposite Fraction can Kill you.
Be careful with Guilds, opposite Guilds even from the same Faction, can attack you, if you are in Guild.

House related

I cant enter in my Home the Door is bugged.
Extract multis_fixed_cli7.rar into UO Folder. Should Work.

How can i lock down Items in my House?
Doubleclick the House Key and target the Item you want lock down.

Are House Keys newbie (blessed/not lootable) here?
Newbie is only the House Owner Key. The Copys not.

Worldbuild/ War-Peace Proection

How does the 2 Projections (Worlds) work?
2 worlds - x2 Spawns, Runes are Marked on Coordinates.
So you can travel to two "different" places with your Rune, depends on wich Projection you are at this Moment.
The Spawns (Animals and Monster) are exact, to very similar to light different in both Projections.
Especaily sometimes the Mob count, High Mob and Rare/Special Ride Sapwns are different in the two Projections.

In the War Projection you have a higher Dmg rather (~30%) than in Peace Projection (unless you have Premium).

Where can i find mountable Animals?
In Dungeons, on the surface of the World. In both Projections (Peace and Chaos).

Is there any benefit placing the House in War Projection?
In War Projection without Premium you can get more Recources.

Is it possible to mark Runes on any Islands?

Additional Softare related and log in Problems

Im using UOS, i cant log into the Game.

UOS setup.png

The Step after the Installation is done,
is to change the IP to the Shard UORpg's
IP Port 2593.

Factions / Artifacts and Bless

All Factions can equipe Chaos and Order Artifacts?
Yes, but Orders can't equip Vampire and Chaos can't equip the Paladin set.

Is possible to bless Artifacts (Relics), like parts of an Order set?
U can bless whatever u want. But every item has bless Slots.
If you exceed the bless Slot limit, you wont be able to wear it.

Can you repair a blessed Iten?
Yes, with Gold or God Stones.

Other Stuff

How many Items i can have in Bank Box?

Where i can find Alchemyst Recipes?
Very low Recipes at the Alchemist NPC in the Citys.
Higher Alchemie Recipes can be found in NPC Loot or Treasure Chests.

Were can i buy Potions?
At the Alchemist in the Citys, at the Vendor Hall in the Main City Altair from Players and from Zaira (in Altair aswell).

What is a Magic Cristal good for?
It provides access to the Dungeon with higher Mobs.

Monsters inside the Dungeon's drop only Keys or drop Trasures Maps as well?

How i can get Cloth?
On any Tailor in of the Citys.

Is there a Autodefend Option?
In Options. Help -> Options

How i came to a Place Named Stable of Punishment?
Anyone knows what i have to do to leave?
You did something wrong. There should be a Scroll in your Backpack,
where it's written what you did and how much Horse Shit u need to collect.

About Skill Books, can be read more than one time?
How many times can i learn form Skill Books?
You can use the same Book only once. Each Skill has 5 different Skill Books (lvl 1-5).

The Macros like .m_useitem_x dont work during any PvP Event?
You need to relog, when you on the Event.
It can fix it.

What does the property "Charges: 5" mean on Jewellry?
This is durbality. (seems not to drop on Jewelery or Totems)

Im doing very less Damage to a certain NPC, what can i do?
You can try different Weapons. Some NPC/Monster are weak against Mace or Fence Weapons, other against Sword (Crush, Thrsut, Slash).
Magic Damgage depends on your Magic Force (Fire/Nature and Energy/Necromancy) and the opponent Resist to that certain kind of Damge.
(for example: Fireball [Vas Flam] -> Magic Force Fire, Lightning [Por Ort Grav] -> Nature and Energy)

What Class is good for PvE?
Best for farm Mobs Vampire.
For kill Boss Mobs Knight.
(Mage,.., good Equiped Crafter come very far as well)

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