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Deposit it, a map with the coordinates of the resource deposit. To open it, additional skills are not required, double-click on the deposit and run to the coordinates in the direction of the pointer.

Upon arrival at the fields you will gain experience, on average you can dig or cut down from 15 to 35 resources, depending on rarity. The location of deposits above the Elemental / Mystic will be on the islands, a boat is needed.

What deposits are:


Руда Древесина
Steel Birch
Black Steel Ice
Meteor Mysterious
Dark Crystal Elven
Lava Daemonic
Elemental Cursed
Mithril -
Dragon -
Holy -
Legendary -

ATTENTION! All deposits have an expiration date! If they are not opened before this time, they will burn!

If you do not want to extract resources on deposits, they can be sold to other players in the Altair market. Approximate prices for the current moment:
Mithril/Elven - 500к
Dragon/Daemonic - 1кк
Holy - 3кк
Legendary/Cursed - 4кк

For the extraction of resources Mithril and Elven need magic elemental tools. To extract resources above mithril and elven, you need magic mithril tools.

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